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Who is Lady Dominixe?

Lady Dominixe is your ultimate erotic guide for your most secret fantasies and dark desires. She is a Mistress of Leather and Steel, possessed of uncommon beauty with a mind of unyielding discipline and who is unequaled among elite Calgary escorts. She specializes in creating fantasy experiences of all kinds, and is particularly passionate and skilled in Female Domination (aka FemDom or Dominatrix) and Bondage and Discipline (or BDSM Mistress).

You can find Lady Dominixe by searching in Calgary for Escort, BDSM, Fetish, Dominatrix, Dominant Mistress, Female Domination (FemDom), Domina, Bondage and Discipline.

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Lady Dominixe is one of those rare and unique escorts in Calgary that has it all and does it all. She combines the experience, talent and equipment of a Dominant Mistress and the full range of outcall escort services in a singular person of beauty and passion. As a licensed escort, Lady Dominixe's services are legally authorized by the City of Calgary when offered in the privacy of your home or hotel.

Calgary has unique bylaws for escorts; this means that the type of escort services available in Calgary is different from other municipal jurisdictions in Canada (namely Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal).

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A Calgary Escort and Dominant Mistress

Lady Dominixe is a Calgary escort and an experienced Dominant Mistress (Dominatrix). So she can offer full escort service to enhance the experience of a domination session or provide an exhilarating climax to a bondage, discipline and sadomasochism (BDSM) fantasy roleplay. Full escort service is not available from a Lifestyle Dominatrix (aka "Pro-Domme"), especially one that operates a public dungeon because it is prohibited by federal law. Private female domination play parties or private dungeons are by invitation or by referral only, and therefore not easily accessible by the general business traveler. (There are very few in Calgary and they intentionally keep a very low profile.)

If you are looking for a Dominant Mistress escort in Calgary for a fetish, female domination, or BDSM experience, then Lady Dominixe is your best option for a personal Dominatrix. She brings everything with her - beauty, brains, experience, outfits and equipment - for "home" delivery to your private residence or hotel. You provide the private place; she provides everything else. Business travelers already have a hotel room; Lady Dominixe recommends that Calgary residents also use a hotel room for a personal and private domination session. Places advertising incall escort services or incall dungeons present a very high risk for both the escort and the client.

While a Pro-Domme Dominatrix will not provide escort service, it is equally true that not all Calgary escorts provide true domination services or BDSM fantasies. Female domination is a specialty that can only be acquired by training and experience. Skill, age, maturity and a keen understanding of the domination and submission dynamic are essential for the true Dominatrix persona. Many young escorts have not lived long enought to have acquired these qualities, so they cannot deliver a true female domination or BDSM experience. If you are a mature gentleman, the generational age difference can also be a significant barrier to a fulfilling experience or session. A young 'chick with a whip' may look sexy, but that by itself, does not make one a Dominatrix.

Lady Dominixe acquired her skills and experience in the art of female domination under the tutelage of the great Lady Barracuda, a renowned dominatrix and one of Calgary's most popular escorts in her time.

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Independent Escorts in Calgary

By now it should not surprise you that Lady Dominixe is not only a multifaceted Dominatrix --- she is also an independent escort! How can this be? Simple. Lady Dominixe operates her own Escort Agency through which she offers her outcall female domination services as a licensed Calgary escort. You are assured that you are dealing with a stable, established and licensed business when undertaking services from Lady Dominixe. She is an escort agency of one. When you call Lady Dominixe, you will be dealing with the Lady herself.

By comparison, almost all other independent escorts are not licensed because under city bylaws, licenses are only granted to escorts that are hired by and operate out of an escort agency. By definition, independent escorts work outside of an escort agency. Some clientele may prefer to deal with independent escorts instead of escort agencies because they believe that they can only get incall service from independents. This is actually true; Calgary bylaws prohibit and federal laws criminalize places of incall service, aka. 'common bawdy houses'. Calgary escort agencies that offer incall do not stay in business for very long.

Why any escort would advertise incall service in Calgary is beyond belief. Its like putting a big red neon sign by your place (office, residence or hotel room) that flashes 'common bawdy house' for everyone to see and law enforcement to target.

Independent escorts advertise and can be found on the local classified internet sites. Now that the Craigslist Adult Services section has been removed, the go-to site is apparently Backpage Adult Entertainment. Sites like Craigslist and Backpage have been described as "the perfect place for amateurs and independents, a virtual stroll where anyone with an overdue rent bill could set up shop."

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Incall Service by Calgary Escorts is Legally Risky

Places offering incall service put you at high legal risk because Calgary law enforcement and bylaw officers do monitor escorts and conduct "sting" operations, moreso than other cities in Canada. Each municipal jurisdiction sets its own bylaws and tolerate different levels of compliance to municipal and federal law. Just because services of incall escorts or public dungeons are available in Vancouver and Toronto does not mean that they are tolerated in Calgary. In fact, Calgary is one of the most regulated and least tolerant cities in Canada for bylaw and federal law infractions with respect to escorts. Consider that the cost of a hotel room is $100 - $200 and compare that to $500 which is the cost of just one hour of a criminal lawyer to defend yourself against a law enforcement charge.

Why would you take the risk? There are clients that rue the day that they knowingly took the risk of seeing an incall escort.

Good examples of a very bad day come from the stories of traveling escorts that conduct tours of multiple cities and offer incall escort and domination services in the hotel room at which they stay. These escorts advertise their touring dates online and take advance booking appointments. When in Calgary, they do incalls and 'conduct business' out of the hotel rooms. Local residents like incalls because they do not pay upfront for a private place and they can see a variety of ladies.

Unfortunately for these escorts and their clients, Calgary law enforcement and bylaw officers also know about and monitor the online traveling escort advertising and booking sites and it is easy for them to work together to setup stings at the same hotel.

What the traveling escort does not know is that in order to conduct escort business in Calgary, she must have an escort license. She cannot get an escort license because she does not reside in Calgary. This is a classic Catch-22. So if caught in a sting, the traveling escort can be charged with contravening Calgary's escort bylaws and fined up to $2,000 for conducting escort business without a license. In addition, both the escort and her client can face federal criminal code charges of 'keeping a common bawdy house' and 'being found' in one.

It should be noted that independent escorts (i.e. unlicensed local escorts) face the same Catch-22. If caught in a bylaw sting, the independent is fined for escorting without a license under the Calgary escort bylaws, or if she claims to not be an escort (to avoid the fine) but instead says she is actually a prostitute, then she can be charged with prostitution-related offenses by law enforcement.

So why would you take the risk when outcall service is legally available from licensed escorts in Calgary? Its not worth saving $200. The cost of a personal hotel room actually ensures your privacy and it is really very cheap legal insurance.

Lady Dominixe only offers outcall services. Do not even ask for incall.

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